Charles Riccardi


Google Design Exercise

The Prompt: While there are many ways to rate and review restaurants, these are not focused on evaluating individuals servers. Design an experience where diners can submit positive comments and constructive suggestions for the wait staff, and servers can use this feedback to both improve and help to secure new employment. Provide a high-level flow and supporting wire frames.




I first spent time thinking through the experience that the prompt laid out and came up with a list of questions to help further narrow and define the experience in more detail.


  • High Level

    • What problem is this experience solving?

    • Is there any research on what the most valuable form of feedback is (i.e. a star rating, simple message, 1-10 rating, etc.)

    • What types of devices should be used to give and receive feedback?

    • How many different reactions and/or messages can diners send to staff?

    • How many staff positions can diners provide feedback for? How many is appropriate or valuable?

    • Does the app need to provide any type of feedback in real time?

    • Are there services/apps we can integrate with to make onboarding really fast?

    • What are the business goals? How will this app make money?

    • If the app experience is connected more to people and not to a restaurant, what value does the restaurant get?

    • Is there a way to make the experience feel ownable for diners and restaurant staff?

  • Diner’s

    • What is the range of diners providing feedback (i.e. super happy, happy, neutral, mad, incredibly mad)?

    • How can diners feel secure when leaving comments (i.e. so servers won’t come and yell at them)?

    • Is a diner's name included in the feedback?

    • Can photos or videos aid in the feedback?

    • Can a diner see a staff members rating is?

    • What value do the diner’s get out of rating the staff?

    • What can diners provide feedback on? Dress, communication style, timely service, being greeted, etc.

    • Do diners need a profile?

    • How does a diner choose an individual to give feedback to?

    • How do we deter diners from giving unhelpful, overly negative feedback?

  • Staff

    • How often do people in wait staff positions keep that type of role?

    • Is the staff able to “thank” or respond in some way to a diner for their review or suggestion?

    • Is a staff member's profile global or does it belong to one restaurant?

    • Do staff members get extra perks if they get a lot of good reviews?



Once I defined the list of questions, I started doing some initial research. This is a crucial part of my process because it always helps to inform assumptions and constraints, which define a clearer path to solutions.


I started by doing a few user interviews. It’s really important to talk with people as often as possible to 1. Remove yourself from the equation - you may not be the user, and 2. Get actionable insights.


I also visited a restaurant myself with the intention of observing my surroundings, and how I was thinking/feeling through the experience. Although it could be biased, I wanted to see if any questions would arise that I hadn’t thought of.


I then moved on to gathering inspiration and checking out competitors. I searched places like dribbble, Pinterest, Google Images, and both Android and Apple app stores. I wanted to know if anyone had been solving this particular problem well, and if there were common UI or interaction patterns I could consider for the app.



  • Diners will want to provide feedback in the moment and after the dining experience is over

  • Diners would use their mobile devices to leave feedback

  • Diners would leave feedback after they left the restaurant


  • Allow diners to provide short or detailed feedback quickly to wait staff

  • Make the process for leaving feedback enjoyable for diner’s


  • Diners can’t be put in un-secure situations by placing negative feedback
  • Staff has limited access to responses (if any) to diners